Redefining the Earbud Experience Beyond the Basics

The inception of this innovative venture began with a simple, yet groundbreaking idea: "What if we could enjoy our favorite music in the shower using earbuds?" This sparked the creation of ShowerBuds by friends who shared a love for both music and leisurely showers, merging these passions to introduce a new way to experience sound.


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Charges great. Head phones are magnetic to the charge station. No problem with opening and closing the charge station. light weight. cute in size. Connected well to my phone. snugs nicely to my ear lobes. very happy with my purchase!!! Highly recommend!!

Orrin Renner, North Carolina

I bought these primarily to listen to music while swimming laps and have been using them for over a month. They work as well as can be expected for listening to music while in the water and swimming.

Lennon gallegos, New York

I am actually in love with these waterproof earbuds! I was a little hesistant about how they would feel, but they fit and feel perfect. Now I can jam out to my favorite tunes during my shower.

Jessica D, New York

They fit perfectly and are so comfortable that I forget I'm even wearing them. I can finally enjoy my music while taking a long shower without any discomfort. I feel like I have my own little concert in the shower, it's amazing!

Joey Gilasson, Utah

My 16 Year old loves them. Had to get her something so i wouldnt have to listen to her music blasting through all times of the day, Win win for everyone.

Miranda M, Florida

The Future of Earphone Technology

Elevate your shower experience with Ambie Showerbuds and Swimbuds™– the ultimate fusion of safety, immersive audio, and convenience. Immerse yourself in your favorite tunes and enjoy every moment of your shower with Ambie Showerbuds by your side.



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